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Bucking Fun - Newbury & Leicester

Claire has had two successful events named "Bucking Fun". Riders competed on the bucking bronco and it became very competitive as you can imagine!

The first one was at Newbury Racecourse on 1st February 2014 which raised over £10,000 for NSIF.


Thank you to the jockeys and event riders who took part... The EVENTERS were the winners!


Jockeys Team

AP McCoy

Sam Thomas

Robert 'Choc' Thornton

Andrew Tinkler

Dominic Elsworth

Alice Fox-Pitt

Mark Bradburne


Eventers Team

William Fox-Pitt

Tina Cook

Lucy Jackson

Laura Collett

Bruce Haskell

Paul Tapner

Phoebe Buckley

Jonty Evans

The second Bucking Fun was every bit as good- this time it was at Leicester Football Club in November 2014 and we had teams competing on the bronco again with betting! The teams were:







Wild card team- Lucky Buckers


And guess who the winners were again- the EVENTERS! Well done everyone- thanks for coming and thanks to all our sponsors. We raised over £15,000.

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