Flexwing Microlight

PPL Training

Late 2019 will see the start of another amazing challenge being taken on by Claire. She will begin lessons in a Flexwing Microlight with the aim of obtaining her Private Pilots Licence (PPL).
A microlight has been adapted to make it possible for Claire to (hopefully!) control the plane with just her hands and this will be the beginning of a long journey with many hours of flying time and studying to eventually gain her PPL ... and then no doubt she will put her new skills to good use and find a challenge that will enable her to raise more funds for her favourite charities.





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Flexwing Controls.jpg

Claire has already turned this new challenge into a fundraising opportunity by offering both businesses and individuals the chance to have their badge on her flying suit with just a £100 donation to the Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation.

Please email claireschallenge@mail.com if you would like more information.

Many thanks to all those who have already supported Claire:

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