Finding my feet is the moving true story of how one determined, courageous young woman had to fight through the darkest days to go and have the best days of her life. 
Claire has already raised over £660,000 to help find a cure for paralysis and this book will provide more vital funds for the Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation.
"Claire is a force of nature. Give her a challenge that seems impossible and she will smash it to bits. She knows no limits, sets no boundaries and never takes 'no' for an answer."
Claire Balding
"Claire is a distillation of all that we should find motivational - intensely driven, positive and an achiever despite the horrendous times which she has had to endure"
Sir Matthew Pinsent
"Claire has to be the most incredible person I have ever met. She simply lights up a room. To think of the difficulties she has had to overcome is mind blowing. She is an absolute inspiration to us all"
Melanie C


"I had not cried at all. I was being brave, although inside I felt very scared; absolutely petrified. My body felt battered, well the bits I could feel did. The rest felt dead. Two thirds of me was dead."


Finding My Feet was short listed for the British Sports Book Awards in the category 'New Writer'