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Claire's Cycle - Disclaimer

Thank you for joining Claire as she journeys around the country on her 400 mile trip to London.

Please be aware that Claire’s Challenge is a fundraising challenge carried out by Claire Lomas as a private individual. It is not an organised mass public participation event.

There are no road closures, special measures, signs or stewards.

You are reminded that in riding with Claire today, you do so as a private individual and at your own risk and responsibility.

As an individual rider you are expected to conduct yourself in a safe and appropriate manner which would include - but not be limited to – the following:

• Obey the Highway Code and traffic regulations at all times including speed limits, directional signs and other rules of the road

• Be respectful to other road users and having regard for their safety as well as your own

• Not to ride more than two a breast where traffic is present

• To pull over to the side to allow traffic to pass where it has built up behind you

• To make sure that you are sufficiently hydrated, suitably clothed and take responsibility for the maintenance of your own cycle

• You are also responsible for your own level of fitness and health to undertake a cycle ride, including any pre-existing medical conditions

Thank you and have a safe ride!

Claire’s Challenge Team

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