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2013 Cycle Challenge #clairescycle

Join the challenge!

More than anything it was the people that supported Claire by turning up during the Marathon that helped to boost morale especially when the weather was foul and there were many miles to go. For the 2013 Challenge more people are needed to join in and get involved... who knows you might even meet a celebrity or two along the way!

As the route winds its way across the country, everyone - young and old - will be welcome to walk, jog or cycle along with Claire and her team. If you are not in exercise mode then simply give her a cheer or beep your horn as she passes - every time it raises a smile we promise!

If you are not near the route then you can help us by using social media to raise awareness for those that do not know about or have not heard about Claires adventures! Follow the adventures on twitter under the hashtag #clairescycle!

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