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Vitality London 10000



Monday 30th May ..... 5:00am ..... The Mall, London.

This saw the start of Claire's latest challenge where she was attempting to walk 10k in a day. After arriving at The Mall at 4:30am, Claire set off on her epic journey at 5am with brief stops every 1km to check the suit wasn't causing any damage to her legs. Just over 12 hours later Claire crossed the finish line outside Buckingham Palace to receive her well deserved medal ... in the process Claire had raised over £12k for the NSIF.

However, the build-up to the event wasn't straight forward ....

Unfortunately the Vitality 10000 team have rejected Claire's entry- however if she raises over £1000 before then she will take on the challenge of the course even though she will not be an official competitor. The furthest she walked in a day on the London Marathon was 2.25 miles and it about killed her! We don't know if this is possible to complete but she will give it her best shot.


The reason Claire is not allowed to be a competitor is because the suit (Fred) is motorised - but this definitely doesn't mean it is any easier for her! Yes, the legs are moved by the suit but only by Claire working the parts of her body that are not paralysed. She really has to work hard for every single step out on the course - especially with any uneven pavements, hills, camber etc



Claire will be training for this and knows it will be hard work - and slow, but ...




If Claire can raise the £1000 she will be there next to the start line and then make her way around the course- step by step.

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£5 LEGS60 to 70070

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