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 Charity School visits with Claire Lomas

Inspiring the next generation


Claire's successful career as a motivational/inspirational speaker began after she gave a talk to a local school prior to her charity handcycling challenge. Claire's message combined with her fun personality proved such a success that her school talks were incorporated into the challenge.


Since then Claire has given talks at many schools throughout the UK where she spoke to the pupils about her devastating, life-changing accident which left her paralysed and how she managed to rebuild her life.


Claire visited the schools to inspire the younger generation and to raise money for the Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation.
Claire covered the impact of a spinal injury and how becoming paralysed has had a dramatic effect on her life. The message to the students was to believe, persevere and never give up. She also made them aware that one of the best feelings comes from helping others.
Claire has visited close to 100 schools and each one has given exceptional feedback with many messages  sent by the older students saying such things as ‘you have inspired me to do more with my life’ and ‘you have changed the way I think’.
As Claire's career as a motivational speaker just gets busier and busier, combining this with her fundraising challenges and obviously making valuable time for her two young daughters as well as her important daily exercise, Claire has to be very selective with her charity school visits. 





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